Our infrastructure gives us the possibility to offer General Services along Bay of Bengal and Arabian coastline in whole of southern India. It is possible mainly because we have offices located strategically all along southern India, that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We have our Head Office in Tuticorin, India. Our strategic location allows us to assist all vessels that arrive to Tuticorin Port Complex in an effective and quick way. Also, we are authorized representative for marine lubricants and fuels.

Our Transportation

One of the biggest dangers in provisioning food to ships is having a disconnect between warehousing and delivery. If a truck shows up late or early, for example, time is lost (on both the trucking and warehousing side), customer satisfaction is jeopardized and in some cases, product integrity may be at risk. And once your product is in transit, maintaining cold chain integrity is absolutely critical. To meet these challenges, Jeyanth offers full temperature controlled, point-to-point fully-owned transportation services, whether your product has to go 3 or 3,000 kilometres. If your product must be maintained within a certain temperature range, we can assure you that will happen, from pickup through transportation and delivery.

Our Warehouse

The headquarters of the Jeyanth and its modern logistics centre are located near the port of Tuticorin, India. The site comprises 7,000 square feet, including a warehouse with a capacity of 2,500 square feet, an advanced cold storage and freezer warehouse with 700 square feet, as well as 3,000 square feet of office space. We offer the full range of ship supplies out of our warehouse containing around 19,000 standard items. Our employees provide 24/7 support for any needs of your fleet.

Our Food and Non-Food Supplies

We supply the freshest and finest quality produce daily or as required. Frozen meats, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy and dried stores are all available immediately on request. We supply organic, whole foods, Kosher and Halal meats, speciality cheeses and provide for all worldwide requirements, including American, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Italian and Japanese, European and Scandinavian. Please have a browse at our gallery of food supplies.